Work Packages

Work Package 1

Management and coordination

Establishment of a national governance and management framework to guarantee the execution of the proposed plan. This work package encompasses the production of a Sustainable National Governance Model for HealthData@PT, along with monitoring, reporting and other related coordination activities. Moreover, the participation in the activities of the HealthData@EU community of practice is also envisioned in the scope of this work package.

Work Package 2

Dissemination, training and support

Raise awareness among citizens, data holders and data users of the health data access body function and responsibilities. Conducting training initiatives and orchestrate support initiatives for health data access body staff, data holders and data users.

Work Package 3


Conduct performance monitoring and evaluation activities to assess the effectiveness of the implementation of the digital business capabilities in scope of this project.

Work Package 4


Ensure that the digital business capabilities implemented in the scope of this project have a sustainability plan and business continuity plan beyond the duration of the grant. 

Work Package 5

Data Access Applications management solution

Development of a solution (a data access applications management solution) capable to receive and process data access requests.

Work Package 6

National Dataset Catalogue for Health Data

To enable HealthData@PT to provide data users a way to discover and assess the suitability of existing health datasets for the data users’ intended purpose.

Work Package 7

Secure Processing Environment for Health Data

Establish the foundations for creating a secure process environment accordance with the security specificities for the processing of electronic health data.

Work Package 8

Cross-border gateway to connect with the HealthData@EU infrastructure

Develop a minimum viable product to connect with the future HealthData@EU infrastructure for the secondary use of health data at EU-scale.

Work Package 9

Health Data Quality Enhancement

To enhance the quality of electronic health data and to provide specifications to advance data semantic and technical interoperability. This work package will contribute with specifications for improving the quality of the raw data and metadata, as well as datasets descriptions, at data holder level. This will foster more easily discoverable and interoperable data in accordance with European specifications, and will provide a better elucidation for researchers, innovators, and policymakers on the suitability of a dataset for their research/work endeavours.

The HealthData@PT action is co-funded by the European Union, EU4Health Program 2021-2027 under Grant Agreement Nr 101128332. The views and opinions expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the position of the European Union or HaDEA. Neither the European Union nor the grant-awarding authority can be held responsible for these opinions.

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