One more step towards interoperability in European healthcare services

Versão Portuguesa

On September 12th (2013) the new version of the technology that allows several European countries to create an integrated network of healthcare services was launched. This technology, called OpenNCP, is now available (via JoinUP) in version 2.0.2. Several improvements in security and audit mechanism for transactions were introduced.

Harmonization of the various evolutions resulting from the most recent services were added:  

  • Health Care Encounter Report – Clinical Report about any healthcare that occurred in a foreign country, which is available for integration in the Summary Patient;
  • Patient Access – The patient can access to their health information, which may be available in a European language (available in languages ​​/ countries that made ​​available their respective catalogs and semantic translations).

The latest update of OpenNCP is also a very important goal, because this version will be used by all countries that want to use the services available within the network epSOS (like Portugal), using for this purpose the open-source technology. OpenNCP  2.02 will be made available among the countries that this project belongs to.

We estimate that about 10 to 15 countries will adopt this new version. SPMS and its partner iUZ Technologies has been instrumental in coordinating and managing together with other stakeholders the international technical development team responsible for the development, support and maintenance of OpenNCP technology.  



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