SPMS hosted the Delegation from the Ministry of Health of Tajikistan

SPMS hosted the Delegation of the Ministry of Health of Tajikistan in Lisbon, between the 23rd and 27th of October, an initiative of the WHO – Regional Office for Europe, under the theme “Digital Health in Portugal: Building digital health for all”, with the aim of raising awareness of the different Portuguese health services and information systems and their impact on the National Health Service.

In this context, topics of great relevance were addressed, such as the Electronic Health Record (EHR), the services provided by the SNS24 omnichannel (Portal, Mobile Application, SNS24 Line and SNS24 Counter), telemedicine and telehealth services, and also the provision of cross-border healthcare services within the MyHealth@EU infrastructure.

There were also sessions dedicated to epidemiological surveillance, such as the presentation of SINAVE, VACINAS, and BI-SINAVE. Presentations from external entities were also included in the program, such as INFARMED and the General Directorate of Health (DGS), proving their significant contribution to strengthening the ability to handle public health emergencies.

The BI-CSP (Primary Health Care Identity Card) session and the presentation at São João University Hospital Center, in Porto (CHUSJ – Centro Hospitalar Universitário São João do Porto) also addressed technical advancements and pertinent digital health projects, emphasizing innovation in the field.

Were also discussed the strategies and resources for building skills in the digital era through the SPMS Academy, the importance of ensuring interoperability in health systems, and the good practice of cybersecurity and data protection.

The technical visit also included a visit to the SNS24 Counter, at the Penha de França Parish Council, in order to make known all the support it provides to citizens and its importance in promoting accessibility and provision of telehealth services. In addition, a visit was also made to INSA – Instituto Nacional de Saúde Doutor Ricardo Jorge, which allowed the sharing of knowledge related to public health, with an emphasis on research and innovation, in areas such as health and nutrition, human genetics, infectious diseases and epidemiological observation and surveillance activities.

This was another opportunity for SPMS to demonstrate the work it has developed nationally and internationally, in favor of innovation and excellence in digitalization in health and an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences in the field of digital health, between the two countries.

This technical visit, co-funded by the European Commission, was sponsored by the World Bank, the Global Financing Facility (GFF), WHO and the World Customs Organization.

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