Public Consultation on the National Strategy for the Health Information Ecosystem

15 Outubro, 2019

The National Strategy for the Health Information Ecosystem ENESIS 2020 comprised the period between 2017-2019. It was the first strategy of this nature that was adopted and appointed by an official act of government. Over this period, it was possible to initiate a common strategic track of thought and action about the Health Information Ecosystem (eSIS).

This new National Strategy for the Health Information Ecosystem was elaborated by SPMS, E.P.E. with the collaboration of individual and institutional partners, both internal and external to the Ministry of Health, which will run between 2020 and 2022.

ENESIS 20-22, expressed in the document ENESIS 2022 , consists of a good practice referential for a sustainable, digital and citizen focused health care. In this document, the objectives, vision and strategic guidelines are established, as well as the necessary measures to sustain the articulation of the projects and initiatives of the Health Information Ecosystem intervening parties.

ENESIS 20-22 Objectives:

  • Support the health care system and care provision betterment for the population;
  • Improve citizens life span experience in the health care system;
  • Maximise work conditions for health professionals;
  •  Increase health organizations efficiency, protect the access to quality health care and an efficient resource management.

This is a preliminary version of the document and should be improved with the collection of ideas, critics and suggestions, during the public consultation period beginning now.  This consultation aims to broaden the participation of different stakeholders; including citizens, TIC professionals, health professionals, Institutions managers and leaders, health care providers, health organizations and eHealth suppliers, in order to convene a common vision and the definition of measures and objectives which everyone can identify with.

To consult the National Strategy for the Health Information Ecosystem ENESIS 2022 , follow this link. See the presentation here.



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