Approved new regulation for the European Health Data Space

On April 24, the European Parliament approved the new regulation establishing the European Health Data Space (EHDS), marking a significant advance in the digital health revolution within the European Union. This strategic measure aims to facilitate citizens’ access to their electronic health data across all member countries while promoting interoperability among European health systems.

Over two years of negotiations, the SPMS, through the Global Digital Health and International Relations Core, played a key role in this working group, ensuring the representation and defense of national priorities and interests in the development of this regulation.

With the implementation of the EHDS, the MyHealth@EU infrastructure will be created for primary data use. This infrastructure will include essential services such as the Electronic Health Summary and Electronic Prescription and Dispensing of Medicines, thereby facilitating secure and efficient digital access to EU citizens’ health data.

In parallel, the national HealthData@EU infrastructure will also be established in each Member State, aiming to ensure secure and effective access to health data for secondary uses, such as research and medical innovation, contributing to the improvement of data quality available and the formulation of more effective health policies.

The EHDS regulation reflects the EU’s commitment to promoting digital health and represents significant progress to the benefit of all citizens, ensuring equitable and secure access to their electronic health data.

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