SPMS fosters the conceptual background for data networks in Portugal and translates SITRA´s Rulebook for a fair data Economy

Secondary use of health-related data is a cornerstone for the digital transformation of healthcare systems. Robust data is the raw material for advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence to support public health surveillance, quality of care and financial sustainability of the National Healthcare Service.

Data sharing ecosystems present larger value creation opportunities than the traditional value chain approach. Partners in a data network can access more diverse data and know-how and have improved capacity to scale up operations rapidly, reduce costs and optimise operations.

SITRA’s IHAN® project is a Finnish initiative that lays the foundation for a fair data economy, in which successful digital services are based on trust and create value for everyone. These are also fundamental values for the health data ecosystem.

The Rulebook for a fair data economy was produced as part of Sitra’s fair data economy IHAN project. It provides a practical toolkit for pioneering companies that are developing their business operations using data and are creating new products and services that comply with the principles of the fair data economy. The Rulebook for a fair data economy offers tools and agreement templates to facilitate data network building, code of conduct templates and other tools to make it easier to build and join new data networks which highlight transparency in data sharing.

The Portuguese translation aims to foster good practices in data sharing, with a focus on SPMS’s commitment to trustworthy health data governance and promoting applied knowledge development in the healthcare sector, using data, that emerges from shared expertise of multisectoral data networks.

The portuguese translated version is available on SPMS and SITRA websites.

More information about SITRA’s IHAN project and the English version can be found at and

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