KOSMI delegation visits SPMS Centre for Control and Monitorization and DataCenter

The Korean Society of Medical Informatics (KOSMI) delegation visited today SPMS Centre for Control and Monitorization (CCM) premises in Maia. The group also took the opportunity to check SPMS DataCenter in Porto.

The tour in the north of Portugal started at the Centre for Control and Monitorization (CCM) in the Maia offices, where a video was shown portraying services dematerialization and paperless prescriptions implementation, a phased process in which CCM had a relevant role.

Later in the day, the delegation proceeded to the Porto premises, where they visited the DataCenter and the servers room.

This visit marks the end of the first Joint Symposium about digital health, between Portugal and Korea. The meeting is integrated in SPMS cooperation strategy, with an active position on knowledge and experiences sharing with international organizations, to ensure a dynamic and inclusive health digital transformation.  



visita kosmi Maia e Porto
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