Public Consultation on Data Strategy and Artificial Intelligence in the National Health Service

SPMS – Shared Services of the Ministry of Health, elaborated the strategic document “From big data to smart data: putting data to work for the public´s health”, which is made available for public consultation on August 29th, 2019.

Digital transformation in Portugal´s National Health Service has made significant progress. The Portuguese National Health Service (NHS) holds an ever increasing and comprehensive data on people´s health and health related factors that is a unique source of value for Portugal and for the Portuguese population´s health. It is now a policy imperative to develop governance models to realize the full potential of big data in health management, personalized medicine and public health.

This document sets out the vision, strategic goals and roadmap for secondary use of data, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence in the Portuguese NHS. The overall objective is to provide guidance within the legal and regulatory framework, for health data governance and to foster the innovative use of data science and artificial intelligence across the healthcare sector.

Purpose of the public consultation:

  • Encourage participation of citizens, professionals, associations, companies, as well as National Health Service institutions and Ministry of Health agencies, in the secondary use of health data and AI in Portugal.
  • Ensure an articulated and aligned strategy, highlighting constrains, concerns and solutions in the secondary use of health data in Portugal.
  • Gather inputs on the document through an online questionnaire, and other relevant comments using the email below.

Participation is open to anyone who is interested and presents opinions and contributions in writing, can do it, using the questionnaire provided above, or by the email:

To consult the Health Data Secondary Use Strategy for 2019-2022, follow the link

Infografia From Big Data to Smart Health
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