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eHAction’s 1st workshop debates Electronic Health Record Exchange Format project

Within the framework of the European project “eHAction”, SPMS, EPE promotes the first workshop on Electronic Health Record Exchange Format, at European level, which will be held on July 9th and 10th at its headquarters in Lisbon. “There is only one way to do a workshop … and that is to work!”, said Henrique Martins, Chairman of SPMS’s Board of Directors, at the start of the meeting. To promote interoperability of health data exchange at European level, representatives from over 15 Member States and the European Commission meet to discuss ideas on legal, organizational, semantic and technical issues of the EHR (Electronic Health Record). ehr4 ehr5 As part of the Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission, the development of the project is based on the creation of a tool with neutral architecture, to be used throughout Europe, by citizens and professionals from both the public and private sectors. During the session, the expectations of the European Commission were presented, based on three main pillars: citizen’s secure access to and sharing of health data; better data to promote research, prevention ad personalized health and care; and digital tools for citizen empowerment and for person-centered care. As coordinator of “eHAction”, SPMS, EPE will continue to promote the debate, which continues tomorrow, focusing on the stakeholders and target audiences of this project. ehr1

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